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The PL4000 stabilizes pressure providing our customers with outstanding energy and cost savings, operating efficiency, increased productivity, and improved process related quality.

Saves 15-40% of the total electrical costs associated with Compressed Air and Refrigeration.

The patented PL4000 compressed air master control system utilizes customized software and systems technology to generate the most efficient output possible from each industrial air compressor. Using a real time network of data input sensors, Pneu-Logic technology dynamically measures total air flow against demand, managing and controlling the operation of each compressor in order to most efficiently meet the actual system-wide demand for compressed air. Pneu-Logic manages this vital industrial energy source with unmatched efficiency and proven reliability.

The PL4000 is the most advanced management and control system for complex mixed networks of both positive displacement and centrifugal industrial air compressors.

The PL4000:

  • Continuously reduces compressed air system energy consumption and costs.
  • Continuously monitors primary control variables at multiple locations throughout the network of air compressors.
  • Uses sophisticated flow-based and weighted priority sorting logic software to efficiently operate the optimum number of base-load compressors.
  • Dynamically manages all compressors as part of a load balanced mixed network of positive displacement and centrifugal compressors.

Intelligent controls for any mixed environment Intelligent controls for any mixed environment

Saves 15-40% of the total electrical costs

The Pneu-Logic PL4000 will manage and control any number or mix of positive displacement or dynamic industrial air compressor types, regardless of the OEM manufacturer or age of the compressor. The PL4000 controls multiple compressed air systems at the same time – either independently, or co-joined in a complex system. Utilizing the PL4000, our customers realize energy and cost savings ranging from 15% to 40%, depending upon compressor type(s), the number of compressors, power consumption characteristics, and the air system related infrastructure.

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