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Brastech Solutions distributes and markets the following products to the construction & real estate industry: Moving from contractor to Supplier, can “TEAM” to help achieve SB/DVBE Contractor Goals.

Committed to providing your business with the infrastructure and tools it needs to run smart, environmentally friendly and at your lowest cost.


The PL4000 is the most advanced management and control system for complex mixed networks of both positive displacement and centrifugal industrial air compressors.

  • Continuously reduces compressed air system energy consumption and costs.
  • Continuously monitors primary control variables at multiple locations throughout the network of air compressors.
  • Uses sophisticated flow-based and weighted priority sorting logic software to efficiently operate the optimum number of base-load compressors.
  • Dynamically manages all compressors as part of a load balanced mixed network of positive displacement and centrifugal compressors.

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Represents sign manufacturer to include design, project management, installation/service/permitting for cabinet signs, channel letter signs, monument signs,pylon signs, LED message boards, blade signs, marquee signs, neon signs, vehicle wraps, custom signs and interior signs.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Area/street lighting, canopy lights, parade lights, wall pack lights, and many more. Solar panels can be designed into the end product.  Energy savings calculated. Smart Control Systems are available which can also reduce energy consumption.

Smart Control Systems

Energy control networking platform for smart grid, smart cities and smart buildings. Significant energy savings, plus more with dimming app, extends LED life. Applications can include pollution and weather monitoring.  Reduces carbon footprint.

Wire and Cable

Represents wire and cable mfgr. Can provide both shelf and custom products; including electric wire, low voltage, anti-theft copper wire, cable & accessories and fiber etc. Company is IS O 9001:2008 certified.

Air Compressor Control and Refrigeration

Patented system to control inefficient air compressors and refrigeration. Can reduce energy consumption from 15-40%. Audits are available and in some cases may be handled free of charge. Energy Star

Intrusion Detection, Fire Life Safety, Closed Circuit Television / Surveillance and Access Control

System integrator who provides system design, installation, service, health -check, preventative maintenance and central station monitoring and engineering solutions.

Specialty Coatings

Safety, Automotive, Agriculture, Facilities, Marine, Roads and Bridges.

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